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What is EZ Netway?

EZ Netway is a small private business which creates small business and personal websites. We are not trying to become mega-millionaires.  We just like what we do and want to have fun helping to provide a niche marketing service.

What is the EZ Netway Mission?
Our mission is to fill a need for the average user or small business. By providing an inexpensive alternative to high priced websites. There are many people who want a personal or business website, but are not able or willing to pay hundreds of dollar for website creation, maintenance, webspace rental and all the other cost associated with many web services.  We here at EZ Netway subscribe to the so called, "Kiss Theory" (aka Keep It Simple Stupid). Most website owners do not need or want all the latest bangs and whistles. They just want a simple website to get their messege out on the world wide web at a reasonable cost. We think we can do that quite well.

What we can do?
EZ Netway can take your digital information, photographs or other data and create a turnkey website for you or your small business. Once the site is completed, other than the cost of your webspace and unless you elect to make changes or upgrades, you never pay a maintenance fee on your site.

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