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Frequently Asked Questions:

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How soon can I get my EZ Netway website?
Generally a basic website can be completed and uploaded to the web within a week or so, however, depending on how busy we are and the complexity of the site and the elements, it could take longer. However, regardless the time, your site space rental does not start until your site is completed and finalized.

What is the cost of an EZNetway website?
The cost of your EZ Netway site will depend on what you choose to put on it, but in general a basic 1-5 page website will cost $24.95 plus $9.99 for a 1 year webspace rental fee.

How do you know what to put on my site?
Once you make your purchase, we will email you a setup kit for the information.  Once the site is completed, you will be given an opportunity to review it and make any additions or corrections.

Are there any website you will not do?
While we fully support the freedom of expression, we will not create or publish a website containing sexually explict or other material we deem offensive or demeaning of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other similar personal choices.

How do you put my photos on a website?
The customer should edit and prepare their photographs before sending digital copies to us. The best way is to archive them into a zip or some similar file and and email them to us.  Once we receive the photographs, we will prepare them either as an image gallery or a slideshow. Keep in mind, a large number of photos may require more webspace and that may increase your annual webspace rental.

What are EZNetway website add ons?
We offer some optional low cost add ons, such as, dedicated IPs, animation
 objects, secure page(s) requiring a login, RSS Feeds, Blogs for customer comments, and a basic Shopping Cart (Requires PayPal Merchant Account).

Why do you charge more for the add ons?

Our goal was to give a person or small business a simple affordable website and webspace, however, not all needs can be fully met without some additional objects.  There are additional charges for these because they require more time to put in place and to finalize.  But keep in mind these charges are only for the setup, once it is done it remains on the website for as long as you like, with no further cost.

Are there limits to my webspace?
The webspace limit for a basic website is 250MB, which is a considerable amount of webspace for most websites. However, if need be, you can increase your webspace with optional moderately priced add on space.

Do you keep a backup of my site data?

Unless you specifically request us not to do so, we do maintain a backup copy of your information. We do this to simplify and minimize the work and your cost for any future changes you might desire. Also, we do rent bulk webspace from a third-party company specializing in providing this service, therefore your website is maintined on their equipment and is secured and also backed up by them.

When is my webspace renewal fee due?

About 30 days before the expiration, you should receive an email from us with instructions on the annual renewal of your webspace fee.

Can my website sell products and receive payments?

Yes, we do offer limited simple business sales websites.  There are currently limitations with regards to items, pricing, shipping fees, etc. All sales site must have fixed item pricing and shipping.  Also, currently we can only offer a PayPal payment option, so you would need to have a valid PayPal account to receive payments.  We hope to add additional payment options, like Google and others, in the future.

Why is my site not available to be viewed?

As stated earlier, we utilize a third-party company to provide us bulk webspace, which we then provide to you. Occasionally, they perform maintenance on their equipment which requires a temporary interuption of websites stored on ther web servers. These interuptions are very rare and usually occur at non-peak times in the middle of the night. If you notice your site down or not functioning properly for a longer period, contact us and we will look into it at no charge.

Can I make changes to my website?

No, not at this time.  A feature to allow for some limited updating is currently being developed, but it is not available now.

Can I request you to make changes?

Yes, in fact, we never charge a fee for simple changes, such as a changed telephone number or some other similar data.  You can contact us anytime to add a page, a new feature, or update anything else on your site for a small fee.  Also, from time to time, we may offer discounted rates to make changes or updates your site information.

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