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What Can EZ Netway Do For You?

EZ Netway offers a low cost alternative to organizations, small businesses and individuals who want to establish their own website, but don't have the expertise to create it themselves.  We can create a variety of websites covering a wide range of interests to meet your specific needs. You need only to furnish us the specific information you want on your site and leave the rest to us.

We will create the site with your information, upload it to the world wide web, and furnish you with the link to your site. You then review it and we will tweak it for any changes to finalize to your satisfaction.  Every basic EZNetway website includes, a 1-5 webpages, one year site rental, 1-5 email addresses associated with your website, and full technical support to get your website up and ready for the world wide web.

Basic websites are provided with 250MB of webspace, which is enough webspace to support just about any basic website. Websites with a large number of image files or graphics are the primary sites that might require some additional add-on webspace. Your webspace is shared IP space, leased by EZ Netway and your site address would be "". You can elect to upgrade your site to a dedicated IP address, such as "", for a small charge and slightly increased annual rental fee.

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